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African Chapter have developed a range of tours, specifically for the vacation makers and holiday seekers, or for those focusing on a specific interest or event and perhaps more detailed in region of travel.

Vanilla Islands, aptly named for the essences grown from these magical islands of sophistication and establishment as a union to be commended on various leadership and results emulating from these islands. Africa sure has many a paradise and here is just a small interlude of the possibilities and wonders to be discovered across the boundaries and into the hearts of the island life and its inhabitants.

Reunion, Seychelles, Mauritius and Madagascar the most prominent of the islands you may be familiar with but how about far off locations as Principe, Gambia or the Swahili Isles within proximity of the Coconut Coast, or further afield to Zanzibar further east.. Africa holds a piece of determination and authenticity a true traveller can identify with and compassionately address the differences in an effort of achievement whichever that may immediately require. Such is Africa and its wonders, travel along and join our journey of discovery across diversity, intrigue, history and fulfilment in becoming a better person.

East Africa may be synonymous for wildlife and some of the most breath-taking vistas in the world of conservation or a passion for nature. Which is perhaps forgive-able once you are introduced to the island,s a harmonious and irresistible temptation for any peace of self! Tanzania’s Mafia Island is both exquisite, brimming with smiles unspoilt in history or natural beauty, with Pemba affording dense vegetation and further North in Kenya’s serene and alluring Islands which lie south but not without their own attractions and cultures.

We have packaged some of our favourite destinations and suggested a number of exquisite tour options which are merely the prelude to the wonderous inclusions and experiences which can be had. Watch out for some key events taking place across the islands for our special deals and exceptional value for money offers. Our service levels are dear to us along with the impact our travellers have during their itinerary and with this we leave you with some considerations;

Credo of the peaceful traveller:
Journey with an open mind and gentle heart,
• Accept with grace and gratitude the diversity encountered,
• Revere and protect the natural environment which sustains all life,
• Appreciate all cultures discovered,
• Respect and thank my hosts for their welcome,
• Offer my hand in friendship to all I meet,
• Support travel services whom share your views and act upon them,
• By my spirit, words & actions, encourage others to travel the world in peace.

We, African Chapter wish you a sensational journey & exceptional chapter added to the book of life! Excellent services and extraordinary wildlife destinations are part of the parcel with African Chapter. Incorporating golfing, spa resorts and diverse marine based activities , encompassing all boating, sailing, scuba and snorkelling superbly culminated into phenomenal experiences to add to the book of your life. This is our passion. African Chapter Tours write it differently, and with our proffessional and expert knowledge gained over a number of years of operation and personal visits, as well as our team resources, you can rest assured your journey will be a success.

You are welcome to randomly browse through available Tour Packages  out and about in the Vanilla Islands of Africa, gathering suggestions and information for your island life african journey. Appreciating what Africa is able to offer, and providing the peaceful traveller quite a phenomenal dawning,  African Chapter Tours will ensure that this step is made exceptionally easy with our proffessional and knowledgeable team at your side to assist with your travel arrangements and whilst on itinerary.

African Chapter customise your trip including vehicle requirements , accommodation options as well as add-on activities which many travellers prefer to include. If you are looking at getting someone a travellers contribution chat to our team. Our extensive knowledge is sure to participate in another sensational experience to add to your book of life!

Contact us today to ensure your own personal chapter is written by our experts and receive your free quotation and itinerary for your African Package.  Alternatively email us on, or call us on +27 11 545 6100 today!

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