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Botswana, neighbouring country to South Africa has a variety of attractions for those visitors who are passionate about wildlife, enjoy fascinating landscapes and those who have a curiosity for the Central Kalahari Desert. With game reserves and national parks such as the Moremi Game Reserve , Chobe and Okavango Delta, there will never be a dull moment but many wonderful or even close encounters and in some options excellent opportunity to experience traditional mokoro excursions and cultural interactions. 

Botswana`s climate is semi-arid,making it hot and dry for much of the year, their rainy season running through the summer months. The Summer Region in the Kalahari has some fascinating facts to share with you and so one of the best times to visit!

Here are a few good reasons why YOU should visit -

  • Scenically it is the most beautiful, the bush is alive and a sea of vibrant colours.
  • Most antelope have young and most are resident species.
  • Predator activity is heightened as they search for the young and vulnerable.
  • All migrant birds are in full colourful magnificence.
  • There are many affordable options at Botswana camps and lodges.
  • There a 4 different destinations in Botswana; The Makgadikgadi, Central Kalahari, Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park.
  • Families are most welcome in most lodges.

Interesting facts about the areas -

  • The water level in the Okavango Delta is at it’s lowest… remember the Okavango is the worlds largest inland delta.With the Okavango delta water levels being so low, far more land can be reached on drives and walks.
  • We have about half average the rainfall compared to the Kruger Park, Botswana averages about 450 mm average rainfall between December & March where as the Kruger Park area has over 850 mm of rainfall. Rainfall is also typically in the form of thunderstorms usually in the afternoon or early evenings.
  • Contrary to what others say- wildlife does not disappear, it is just a little harder to find them as most predators are territorial so they do not move away.
  • Most parts of Botswana are located in the Kalahari basin. 
  • Summer is really the best time to visit - Scenically it is the most beautiful, the bush is alive and a sea of vibrant colours. Most antelope have young and most are resident species and predator activity is heightened as they search for the young and vulnerable. All migrant birds are in full colourful magnificence.
  • The largest migration of zebra in Southern Africa is on at Makgadikgadi camp
  • Only circuit of camps/ lodges that offers you 4 distinct and different regions in Botswana with each region very different from the other.
  • Special Family Safaris with specialist family guide are available. 
  •  All the major tourist hubs of Maun and Kasane can be reached by sedan vehicles on excellent tar or scheduled flights.

Botswana is part of the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area which is situated in the Okavango and Zambezi river basins where the borders of Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe converge. Thie Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area spans an area of approximately 287 132 km2, almost the size of Italy! So will include 36 national parks, game reserves, community conservancies and game management areas in the future. These transfrontier parks are still in the process of transforming these joint ventures and value for money safaris are being designed as we speak!

So do not miss your opportunity to visit this Green Kalahari Season for 2011!

Botswana Tuli Self Catering Safari Adventure from R2390 pp


The Northern Tuli Game Reserve is around 500km from both Johannesburg and Gaborone, with driving times around 5 and 6 hours respectively. This wildlife reserve is a true haven for wildlife, which together with the stunning scenery, fascinating history and comfortable rustic accommodation in a relaxing setting makes this a unique Botswanan wildlife destination.

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