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Educational travel seems to be the new buzz word, African Chapter offer our version in didactic proportions where individuals, scholars, friends and corporate groups are encouraged to not only contribute in terms of environment but also their cultural, and historical heritage.

Africa being the remarkable continent of primal beginnings - the cradle of humankind offers the unique educational aspect of existance, what with the new discoveries by Proffessor Lee Berger we are seeing this subject prove its resounding antiquity of our province and continent. Travelling through time - our past and your individual history leads us to one place, here we are in all our glory - Africa! 

The international visitors to South Africa can enjoy both weekends, day trips as well as journeys of educational based travel in our associated packaged tours. African Chapter Tours offers the businessman options to experience time out and short didatic guided tours or informative yet enjoyable tourist attraction visits in their busy schedule. Alternative for the holiday visitors are guided overland tours ranging from day trips to overnight stays of two to 14 night stays and even self drive tours for the more frequent and confident visitors to South Africa, who are comfortable with self drive options where we introduce you to some characters along the way. For families we are able to offer exclusively guided tours in educational journeys of distinction for an ultimate personalised service.

In this package section we also provide those cultural residents to our Big 5 regions of Southern Africa with an array of available options, it would be impossible to list all of these at this present time. When looking for an experience both educational in historical themes but also satisfying the sense of self discovery, African Chapter can assist in producing a sensational experience to add to your book of life in our tailormade section of our website, by hitting the Enquiry Document next!

Look at our newly developed offering, providing an array of phenomenal personalities involved in their proffessional fields of expertise, so developing the number one experience in authentic african experiences. This tour can be offered in a brief overview in Gauteng in a day or 2 or more formally and comprehensively to 10-14 day itineraries focusing on your prefferred interests such as heritage, art and culture.

The ease of association between the properties included in these tours additionally add to the conscious operational abilities of African Chapter. With the membership of various similiar mindsets and the utilisation of Fair Trade properties, the conscious individuals participating as well as the services African Chapter can provide with the environmental conditions coming first this was a simple listing and collaboration between all the parties involved.

Our involvement with SATSA and a similiar array of authoritive bodies we hopefully have hit the nail on the head with presenting these tours which are very much in line with our clients, friends and ... foes expectations, we do hope that with your contribution we could encourage many more operations to follow suit! The deliverance of a conscious tour, and educational experience unsurpassed and of excellent standards and individuals - YOU are the decision maker in our future and we value your participation!  


Stones & Bones

Our passions for wildlife and the ancestry of man with access to top palaeo-anthropologists assist in the production of a range of fascinating tours of Southern Africa’s rich and diverse heritage. Africa has another sensational secret yet to be discovered! Join us in the forensics of deciphering Africas` Stones & Bones - a journey of discovery through Authentic Africa and the past experiences of our ancestors. 

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activities on an animal safari

Please don't hesitate to contact us directly if you are interested in any of these packages.

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