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Take some time out and unwind from the constant rat race while giving your body the attention it deserves! Spa and well-being takes a new turn with facilities offering African Spa Treatments, Wellness programmes, Bush spa`s and your traditional City spa and beauty clinics across the continent.

Whichever you prefer African Chapter offer an array of fantastic spa`s all catering for specific needs and requirements! Allow us to book and make all the neccessary arrangements so all you have on your list to do for the day is enjoy the pampering! Many options cater for overnight stays in fully inclusive packages or can be tailormade on your request. In the hustle and bustle of everyday modern life, it is probably our bodies, souls and minds that suffer most!

Our packages offer a variety of spa`s and surrounding tranquil settings, all within close proximity to Johannesburg & Pretoria`s main centres, allowing yourself the opportunity to to add another sensational spa experience to the book of your life! This said we do not exclude the Cape, Natal or "far off" Limpopo options, we have variety available to ensure your specified relaxation trip is just that!

Although we would love to list every possible option we remain exclusive to our ideas within the various areas of our operational regions in Africa. Contact our office with your specific requirements ensuring that we are better equipped and able to provide you with the proffessional service our clients have come to remember us for.

Spa & Pampering Packages just for Mom

Revitalisation, rejuvenation and healing, for the body, mind & soul - enjoy the many diverse options of lastest spa facilities and trendy spa treatments which have become a popular activity in today`s busy lifestyle. Spend some time with a loved one or merely treat yourself or someone else to a special occassion or celebration. There are a variety of spa experiences available all with a few hand selected treatments to a half day, full day or overnight package in sophisticated, rustic or luxurious setting but no doubt tranquil surroundings.

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Please don't hesitate to contact us directly if you are interested in any of these packages.

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