Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

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Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

Sanbona Wildlife Reserve












Klein Karoo, Warmwaterberg, Western Cape

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Stars : 5

Capacity : 20

Price : R4500

Full Description

Nestled at the foot of the towering Warmwaterberg Mountains in the heart of the Little Karoo, Sanbona Wildlife Reserve celebrates the spirit of the San people who once roamed this distinctive area. Sanbona and the spirit of the San people welcome you. More than 54 000 hectares of undulating mountains and plains, indigenous flora and fauna, rock formations and rock art make this a destination not to be missed.

Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is home to free ranging white lions and big game and is situated approximately 3 hours from Cape Town between Montague and Barrydale.

One of the true joys of Sanbona is the freedom to do nothing at all in absolute luxury. But for those who choose to venture beyond the comfort of the Lodge, a world of new experiences awaits.

Accommodation is offered in two separate lodges at Sanbona.

Dwyka Tented Lodge

Once the range of ancient Khoisan hunter-gatherers dramatically situated in a horseshoe bend of a dry Karoo ravine and surrounded by awe-inspiring rock formations. These luxurious and secluded tents exude an atmosphere of pioneering adventure in this vast landscape.

Gondwana Lodge

Gondwana Lodge offers endless views over the plains of Bellair Dam and onto Anysberg-mountains. This Family Lodge resembles a typical thatched Karoo homestead with family rooms, children activity room, spacious lawn, outdoor play area, and pool will ensure entertainment for the whole family. Children of all ages will are entertained with its exciting “Kids on Safari” program.

Activities offered for "Kids on Safari" include -

  • Interpretive trail through the garden of Gondwana learning about animals that occur on the reserve as well as tracks, important plants etc
  • Visit the sites where the San people left their legacy on the rock faces at Sanbona, where the ranger will interpret the scene so that the children can create their own ‘rock’ art.
  • Sanbona Activity Book is educational and fun, teaching children about the wildlife at Sanbona and at the same time encouraging children to get involved in the game drives, often requiring the ranger’s assistance to answer some of the questions.
  • Children can partake in various social, sporting and art activities such as bead making, clay making activities, face painting, star gazing.
  • Indoor Activities are also offered as all the above is age of child and weather dependant.

General Activities available on Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, include the following:

Natures Drives and Nature Walks - "Discover the spirit of the Little Karoo on foot and see the little things of the Reserve through the eyes of the San!With the guidance of your experienced ranger, early morning walking trails to greet the day have been developed to cater for individual needs. From gentle strolls, taking in the breathtaking beauty of the indigenous fauna and flora,to challenging trails discovering isolated vistas,receal the beauty of Sanbona Wildlife Reserve. Be it a gentle or challenging trail or a secluded rock pool which invites one to submerge into its watery and and invigorating bliss or returning to yourlodge for a scrumptious breakfast, Sanbona Wildlife Reserve has all of this and much more to offer.

Photography - Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is a photographers dream. Due to the perfect light conditions, during the twilight hours of sunrise and sunset it is advisable to use 100 ASA film for exquisite photographic opportunities. A 100 - 300 lens is a good choice. Macro photography is also incredible to capture close-ups of the smaller species.

Birdwatching, Flora & Fauna - "For the avid birdwatcher, Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is home to 160 species. There is a very healthy population of raptors to be seen including African Fish Eagles and 5 breeding pairs of majestic Black Eagles.Interesting birds on the Reserve include the Cinnamonbreasted Warbler only seen in the early light of dawn. The Booted Eagle in the pale form breed well on the Reserve, while the Southern Grey Tit intrigues one with its 13 different calls. The Namaqua Sandgrouse travels up to 80 kms in search of water, collecting droplets in its breast feathers, flying back to the nest to give the moisture to its chicks. Blackwinged Stilts can be viewed foraging in and around water areas.Due to the unobtrusiveness of Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, the birds are at ease, affording one with good viewing."

Rock formations & features and Rock Art - "The San people of Africa roamed the area for thousands of years until 100 years ago.
The /Xam tribe, the nomadic hunter-gatherers living in harmony with nature realised then that man and nature together is sustainable.
There are 7 Sites throughout Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, rock art sites dating back to more than 3500 years depicting the spiritual beliefs and lives of these fascinating people. During their travels, members of the group would congregate around a communal fire, weaving stories and celebrating the gift of life while the Shaman would meditate through rhythmic dancing, singing and clapping and while in a trance, receive visions and guidance. This medicine man or woman would ensure the well being of the tribe, protecting them from evil and sickness, predicting the future and ensuring good hunting and rains. Certain animals such as the Praying Mantis and the Eland were honoured and revered and were considered to have great spiritual powers.These experiences of the Shaman were depicted to the tribe in the form of the rock art seen today. The various sites that were chosen were also very symbolic, the rock depicting the medium between the different realms the Shaman had travelled in his trancelike state. Ingredients used for the paint consisted of animal blood, urine, plant sap, egg and water, the protein from blood or egg having the ability to preserve the art that exists today. The only evidence that remains of these little people is the delicate rock art found on Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, their indelible footprints left of their presence in this vast landscape for generations to come."

Troutfishing - "Located adjacent to Sanbona Wildlfe Reserve and enveloped by the picturesque Langeberg mountains, lies the trophy dam of Bo Vlakte Trout Farm. Well stocked with Bass, Rainbow and the rare Golden Trout, one can experience fly-fishing of this quarry.Together with experienced guides, spend the day working the various spots on the dam, with the possibility of trout of trophy size. A 2-man rowboat as well as limited tackle is available for hire. Tuition is on hand on request. Trips can be pre-booked or made on arrival at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve."

Wellness Centre - "At Sanbona Wellness Centre our aim is to awaken your senses and to rejuvenate not only the body but also the mind and the soul. Body - by performing a range of treatments from head to toe that leaves you feeling energized and revived. Mind - making you forget about the stress of everyday life, at least for an hour or two... Soul - Taking you to a higher level of consciousness, restoring inner harmony and the balancing of vital life force energy.
Situated in the heart of the Klein Karoo, nature and its elements create a surrounding atmosphere of complete peace and tranquility. All treatment rooms have access to the beautiful views of mountains and raw, unspoiled earth. Sliding doors let the outdoors in along with fresh ""Karoo air"" while soft white curtains gently blow in the breeze as the therapist`s touch soothes any aches and pains.
The Spa is fitted with sauna and steam room facilities as well as a hydro bath to further enhance the relaxation experience.
At the spa we make use of only the best Aromatic skin and body products, Decleor.At Sanbona wellness centre every treatment is a special one...Pamper Protect Perfect.

Stargazing - "With the absence of artificial light, the stargazing at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is phenomenal and amongst the best in Southern Africa. In a designated area, free from light, with telescopic aid and knowledgeable guides, interpretations are given about the constellations of the Southern Hemisphere. Romantic stories of gods and goddesses banished to the heavens are woven into astronomical facts.
Depending on the time of year, Venus, the Goddess of love will greet you at dawn or dusk, while Sirius, the brightest star in our heavens keeps a constant vigil. The Lord of the Rings, Saturn, the God of War, Mars, and the Sky God, Uranus, are some of the planets that can be viewed with the naked eye, depending on the time of year.How better to end a blissful day at Sanbona than to sit reflecting under the star-studded canopy of African skies, the vastness of infinite galaxies stretching before one."

Conferencing - Be it a high-powered break for executive decision-making or an incentive getaway, Sanbona Wildlife Reserve offers a venue with a difference. A private Boardroom for 12 delegates with standard audio-visual and conference equipment is available at Tilney Manor.

Game Drives - Traverse the landscape of Sanbona Wildlife Reserve with a qualified ranger in comfortable open landrovers. During the drive, be it in the early morning or for sundowners, various species of plants, animals, big game and birds can be seen. Sundowner evening drives offer spectacular displays of light as the evening sun sets over the Little Karoo.

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Activities and Facilities

  • Wake Up calls
  • View
  • Spa
  • Qualified Guides
  • Pool
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Night Drives
  • Laundry Service
  • Game Walks
  • Game Drive
  • Fireplace
  • En-suite Bathroom
  • Coffee Stations
  • Children
  • Birding
  • Beauty Treatments
  • Bar

NOTE : Some of the activities and facilities are not covered by the rate quoted and may be surchargeable.

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Godwana Family Lodge and Tilney Manor:

January to December 2013 : R4500 pps sharing 

excluding May to September which is low season 2013:  R3750 pp sharing

Dwyka Tented Lodge

January to December 2013: R4750 pps sharing. Excluding May to September 2013 which is low season R4000 pp sharing

 A 50% single supplement applies. Children 4 to 11 years pay 50 % of the adult rate.

The above rates are inclusive of:

  • Accommodation at either Dwyka Tented Lodge or Godwana Family Lodge 
  • Meals served at the lodge comprising of breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Taxes and Local South African beverages

Rates exclude:

  • Wellness centre treatments available upon request
  • Laundry services
  • Private bar available
  • Telephone calls using the lodge infrastructure

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