Safari Transport

African Chapter Tours will take care of all your transportation needs and requirements itinerised in your African safari tour package. We can arrange any aviation activities, be it a hot air ballooning trip, helicopter flight, micro-light flight or national and inter-african flights. Alternatively, let us take care of any road, rail or marine transportation requirements which you would like to include in your safari tour package.

Fixed Wing Aviation


African Chapter Tours can arrange your national flights around Africa, and the team are able to advise on specific details once we have received your enquiry regarding your interests and suggested arrangements to suit your specific African safari tour package, arranging flights to a number of major cities in various Southern African countries returning to any location.

Fixed Wing Flights

Chartered flights can be arranged to any destination within Southern Africa, and our extensive database is capable of directing you to an operational facility which manage related reservations. Should you prefer to hire your own plane and pilot and feel that this suits your specific safari tour requirements better we have the resources to ensure it is managed correctly and efficiently without the hassle to you. African Chapter can pre-arrange any flight to any air-strip according to your land arrangments and related tour package specifics. These charters can be combined with various activities and accommodation choices, including: Helicopters, Fixed Wing, Micro-light and Hot Air Balloon flights, staying the night at any destination able to accommodate the vehicle you choose to arrive in.

Enjoy a time saving and relaxing fixed wing flight to an African wildlife safari destination, tailor made to suit your individual requirements. Flying to your favourite establishment and/or operation can be structured around your busy schedule. This ensures more quality time in the spectacular African bush and reduces travelling time hence ensuring sensational high flying African experiences.

These personal flights can be arranged by African Chapter to whisk your clients away from the city and straight from the boardrooms into the secluded bush. Please browse through our fixed wing flight options or should you prefer perhaps hiring your own plane and pilot, African Chapter are capable of arranging this for you too, all we need are your details and requirements.



Take a thrilling helicopter ride on a naughty weekend away or decide on a meal occasion for that special celebratory day, how about a moonlight dinner, lunch on a hang lip or a quick flip around some of the most scenic landscapes in pristine African areas. Whatever your safari destination, we will manage the paperwork and ensure a brilliant if not absolutely sensational african experience.

Helicopter flights can be arranged across the borders of South Africa, but we would require certain information to ensure we cover all angles, thus please send us your requirements and specific details so that we can ensure a sensational African experience to add to your book of life.

Micro-light Flights

Take an aerial trip in a micro-light and travel along the scenic coastline or spectacular inland terrain observer to some of the region's most awe-inspiring vistas within the Southern African region. There are a multitude of areas where micro-light, helicopters and hot air balloon flights are available in Africa, contact the African Chapter Tours to arrange that special occasion for you today.

Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloon Safaris provide awesome corporate or personal trips, whether you are looking to accommodate a small family trip or even a corporate day out. Utilise this service for your team-building outing or any special occasion you might be celebrating. The perfect experience in viewing game and scenic areas from above, sailing through the sky and floating to your decent and of course breakfast! Have a detailed look at our options available for the variety of Hot Air Balloon Safaris providing an idea of what the experience is all about, there are a number of operators located all over the Southern African region - please enquire regarding your specific needs, location and requirements so African Chapter can ensure your specifications are accommodated.

Guided trips

African Chapter Tours offers the contacts for services for guided trips, take along a qualified guide or game rangers to accompany you on your African safari tour. The knowledgeable individuals are available for personal and in-depth viewpoints and assistance of where you are traveling to and around, we can guarantee that local knowledge ensures sensational experiences for the duration of your safari tour package?

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Self Drive Options

If you prefer to take your time whilst travelling through Africa come and experience the beauty of our land your own way, self drive through Africa is the perfect choice for you! Renting a car in Africa is easy, with a number of professional car rental agencies operating in most regions across Southern Africa, African Chapter can arrange your rental on your behalf relieving the hassle for you. Most national roads are tarred and in a good condition, the more rural the road, the more likely it is to be pot-holed and poorly surfaced, although this is indeed the better choice when experiencing the vistas and scenic splendours which you may come across on your travels.

Please have a look at our car rental options.

Road info, maps

Current information on the conditions of roads and their relevant information can be obtained through the Automobile Association of South Africa. The AA also provides invaluable guides for road users in the form of strip maps tailored for specific destinations and regions travelled. They also provide information for tourists while on their route if the itinerary is required to provide some "free-roaming" time during your trip.

Please watch out for roaming animals in rural areas, common scenes are domesticated animals in settlements along the road networks of Africa.

Be aware that the roads in many rural areas are not fenced, so you could find dogs, chickens, sheep, goats and even horses, donkeys or cows on the road, it may be dangerous to drive at night and more hazardous to those travelling longer distances resulting in poorer concentration whilst driving.

Large antelope species crossing the road can also be a hazard in certain areas - watch out for the road signs depicting a leaping "kudu" antelope or buck, and take it slowly, especially towards evening and early morning hours when visibility can be poorer.

Africans drive on the left-hand side of the road, and our cars - rental cars included - are right-hand drive vehicles, although manual and automatic models are available, this would be required to be stipulated prior to booking. All distances, speed limits (and speedometers) are in kilometre metric values and not in miles.

Wearing of seat belts is compulsory for both drivers and all passengers within the vehicle at all times. Using hand-held mobile or cell phones while driving is against the law - use a vehicle phone attachment or hands-free kit if you want to speak on your mobile or cell phone while driving and avoid being stopped by officials who will fine the guilty party on site. The law prohibits the use of hand-held mobile or cell phones while driving, but that doesn't stop most of the locals from using them and as a result some reckless driving might be experienced whilst on our roads, please be careful and observant of all drivers, pedestrians and wild animals.

Hands Free kits and mobile or cell phone chargers can be bought freely within shopping centres at all mobile service providers within Africa, these are namely Vodacom outlets such as Voda4U as well as MTN and Cell C. Many items amongst others are also sold along the road sides and intersections - although observation of your safety is required when stopping to purchase anything from road vendors, you are easily distracted and become an easy target in such instances.

Please be Aware of your safety at ALL times if you feel uncomfortable.

Luxury 4X4Speed limit

The general speed limit on national highways, urban freeways and other major routes is 120-100km/h (75mph). On secondary (rural) roads it is 100-80km/h (60mph). In built-up areas it is usually 60km/h (35mph) unless otherwise indicated by road signs. Check the road signs if you are unsure of the applicable speed.

Driver's licences

Any valid driver's licence is accepted provided it bears the photograph and signature of the holder and is printed in English. In certain instances an International Drivers Licence might be applicable, it is safer to ensure that you are compliant prior to arrival should you be driving for the majority of your safari travels or tour packages itinerary.

Filling up

A variety of petrol (gas) stations are situated on both main and rural country roads. Most of the stations in the cities are open 24 hours a day, although some keep shorter hours depending on various factors - please ensure you are not alone at stations after dark and listen to your gut feel in situations you are not comfortable in. However, distances between towns (and therefore between petrol stations) can be considerable, so it is advisable to fill up your gas or petrol tank before it provides warning signals that your fuel might be low. Many syndicated stations provide maps of their branded stations and distances between these, enquire with your attendant on receiving a map such as this should you feel it beneficial to your African visit.

South African petrol stations are not self-help : an attendant will fill the car, check oil, water and tyre pressure and, if necessary, clean the windscreen - for which he or she will expect a tip of two to five rand for their efforts, their wages are relatively poor and many rely on these tips or gratuities as an income source.

Chauffeured Drives

If you are ready to get away, but don't feel up to the drive, choose the chauffeur drive option. This will allow you to completely unwind from the minute you leave your home. An experienced and qualified driver will meet you at a suitable location and escort you to the remote safari lodge or game safari of your choice. He/she will be there to collect your luggage again at check-out time when you're ready to return to the city life you have escaped for the duration of your journey. This is a hassle-free travel option that epitomizes a relaxing time away and ensures a successful rejuvenating trip.

Safe Roads

Guided Drive Options

If you require a qualified guide or game ranger to accompany you on your African safari tour travels, visit our Guide page or enquire directly for various options to suit your specific requirements. A daily fee is added onto the total rate for the inclusion of the guide's fees and relevant administration fees. This is because we do not make a profit from the guides we list or support on the African Chapter website, a large number of our guides are specialists in their fields and all have qualifications which would benefit your experience in Africa, should you be interested in anything at all please make this known within your request so that we can allocate a guide suited to your interests.

Buses and Trains


If you're not used to driving long distances or need to transport a larger group, a coach or bus may be a better idea than a rental car. Luxury bus services are reliable and available between all major cities in South Africa and further into Southern Africa. There are many coach tour operators offering a variety of services, from personalised mini busses to large double-decker coaches so as to suit your every requirement and relevant stipulation.

Most tours can be tailor made to suit your needs and the size of your travel group. Many tour guides speak languages other than the locally-spoken English and Afrikaans, German and French and an array of other European and African languages are available to ensure your stay as educational and informative as possible.

Check out Intercape or Greyhound public services or enquire regarding specific needs and requirements applicable to your safari package tour. If you do not have the time or do not know where to start - please call our offices or enquire for our professional assistance for your arrangements required.

You can book bus tickets, concert or entertainment tickets at Computicket.

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If there is a railway line or train track, we can get you on it! Not only can you travel in luxury, it is at such a leasurely pace that you can absorb every breath, scent and special moment as the train chugs along to ensure you arrive at your safari trip safely and completely relaxed. Experience wide scenic vistas and unbelievable views for miles and miles of African terrain.


Rovos Rail operates beautifully restored, spacious, Edwardian-era carriages, which are drawn by a steam locomotive for part of the trip. The use of traditional furnishings ensures an atmosphere of elegance in the Dining, Lounge and Observation carts.

Various charters are available for rail travel, catering for many different options, needs and specifications, please enquire regarding any stipulations or relevant needs involved in your safari or golf train trips and journeys.

These include:

  • Golf Safaris
  • Johannesburg to Cape Town
  • Rail Safaris
  • Other rail travel

Other rail travel

Various charters are available for rail travel, catering for many different options, needs and specifications, please enquire regarding any stipulations or relevant needs involved in your safari or golf train trips and journeys.

These include:

  • Golf Safaris
  • Johannesburg to Cape Town
  • Rail Safaris

For short scenic trips, you could try various operators such as the Banana Express on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, the Apple Express out of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, or the usually steam-driven Outeniqua Choo-Tjoe in Knysna in the Western Cape, to name a few available operators in South Africa, contact us for special offers and available options across Southern Africa should this option be of interest to you.

Cape Town is probably the only city where you would consider taking the public commuter train, and then only really to enjoy the view between Muizenberg and Simonstown as the railway hugs the rocky shoreline, at this stage there is a lot if investment and changes being made to ensure a more reliable and efficient service from the African Rail facilities and in public transportation options, one being our great Gauteng dream of the Gautrain.

Another excellent option is the Spier Train, which chuffs its way between its own private station in Cape Town and the Spier Estate in Stellenbosch, or perhaps Evita se Perron in Darling for transportation encompassing theatre performances and picnics - a more cultural route to follow should this be your interest.

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Africa has a precious, beautiful and extremely wild coastline originating from a vast array of splendid tributaries and river mouths from a rather dry continent generally. All of these wonders make this continent a joy for water based travel interests. Some of these include:

  • diving in both fresh water lakes of Africa as well as oceans along our extra-ordinary coastline
  • motorized adventure activities on both fresh water and seas
  • non-motorised activities within fresh water and saline bodies
  • water environments and their surrounding elements
  • fishing and boat trips for all

Sleeping in a bungalow on the lake shore, with inter-linking walkways around lodges or pure white sand in between your toes. Enjoy the option of boat trips, fishing and quiet walks on the shoreline, whatever you prefer we have the knowledge to support a sensational African experience for your choice of African Safari Tour.

Alternatively, there are lodges a while away from ocean and located in the bush where water activities such as fresh water skiing, wake-boarding, jet skis, kayaking, canoeing, wave pools and artificial and legitamite river tube rides. Anyone can be accommodated on an African safari tour at a variety of establishments across Southern Africa.

Please don't hesitate to contact us directly for us to offer our assistance wherever your safari travel package is required.

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